What is TripleNote?

TripleNote is an easy-to-use instructional tool for field data collection designed for students, faculty, and data supervisors. It eases the hassle of compiling data from multiple sources and eliminates unusable data.

Why Are We Different?

Unlike many paper-and-pencil based field collection methods that require a supervisor to track down data from various sources, TripleNote centralizes all types of data into a portable application.


The Platform

Faculty and supervisors can easily define instructions, provide students with the proper training as they go out into the field, and collaborate in a single place.


The Mobile App

Students can access instructions, understand the task at hand, and get to work with the ability to sync their data to the platform once the work is completed.

How it Works?

TripleNote improves communication among members of a research team. It can also be used for class projects involving data collection.

Define Criteria

Set up the instructions for a project, including important safeguards.

Notify Students

Notify team members or students.

Sync All Data

Easily upload data to secure storage.


Work on projects together in one secure place.

Download the Demo

Download TripleNote and let us know how we can help to make TripleNote meet your data collection needs!

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