Happy New Year from TripleNote!

Happy New Year 2018!!  I wish you a happy and healthy new year from everyone here at TripleNote.  We hope you experience a smooth entry into this new year! As we enter 2018, everyone’s focus on resolution has captured my attention. The term appears everywhere.  Businesses such as fitness and weight loss centers depend on… Read More »

The tale of the multi-tasking slide deck.

Building teaching into a presentation. On Monday November 13, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a panelist for the opening reception of Global Entrepreneurship Week (https://genglobal.org/gew).  This event was co-hosted by the Innovation Institute at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.  I was asked to share experiences and challenges that we have… Read More »

Teaching visual maps of research manuscripts

Visually mapping helps us bring order from chaos–especially when we draft a research article. Teaching visual maps of research manuscripts came to me out of desperation one day. . . “How will I ever get my ideas into an article?” When a bewildered undergraduate first posed this question, I realized just how complicated the path… Read More »

“Wow! I never knew the back story of research articles.”

As experienced researchers, we take for granted the format of journal articles.  Our brains anticipate exactly what’s ahead.  Introduction, aims, lit review, methods. . . no surprises. Yet, new researchers experience an article quite differently.  Several years ago, a conversation among first-year students revealed their frustration. One student confessed, “I just looked for stuff I… Read More »

I like being involved in firsts.

At the end of September, we were fortunate to be a part of the inaugural Goldman Prize competition.  This was a competition that was put forth by the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh to encourage education students, alumni, and faculty to participate in innovative pursuits.  Supported by Richard and Renee Goldman, this… Read More »

Our Story

Our Story

Here’s the story of how we got interested in making field data collection easier to manage. Mary Margaret led teams of students as they photographed hundreds of letters and photos at the Flight 93 (9/11) National Memorial. Each night, we’d upload photos onto laptops and flash drives. At first it was no big deal. With… Read More »