Happy New Year from TripleNote!

Happy New Year 2018!!  I wish you a happy and healthy new year from everyone here at TripleNote.  We hope you experience a smooth entry into this new year!

As we enter 2018, everyone’s focus on resolution has captured my attention. The term appears everywhere.  Businesses such as fitness and weight loss centers depend on resolutions for seasonal livelihood.  Individuals adopt resolutions hoping to break old habits and gain new ones. Talk shows offer tips on keeping our resolutions, while advertisers feature them on television and social media.   

We’re joining in the conversation as we focus our first 2018 blog on resolutions. To begin, I propose a shift in language.  I’m not a huge fan of resolution as a word.  Its root word, resolve, suggests finality—not the flexibility of making pivots or the  possibility of failure.  Instead, I like goal.  A goal is something to reach for; it suggests a hopeful outcome.  It implies a path, with stopping points along the way.  And it’s a path that can change.  

Our January TripleNote blogs will highlight goals and how to pursue them.  Joining the conversation will be students. As research instructors and supervisors, we learn every day from our students.  So, one of our goals is to give younger students and researchers a forum to share their ideas, too. 

Check back at TripleNote for teaching tips, data collection and analysis strategies, and —most importantly—human connections around this wonder-filled, sometimes bewildering, world of research.   We look forward to supporting your goals for research teaching and data collection  in this new year!