The tale of the multi-tasking slide deck.

Building teaching into a presentation.

On Monday November 13, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a panelist for the opening reception of Global Entrepreneurship Week (  This event was co-hosted by the Innovation Institute at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.  I was asked to share experiences and challenges that we have faced on our path to pursue commercialization.

I looked at our last pitch slides with a fresh pair of eyes.  Almost as if they had a dual purpose, the presentation made sense to me from a teaching perspective:  the pitch slide deck itself is a teaching resource.  While sharing the experience as an entrepreneur, I can show a tool that innovators use to tell a story:  the pitch slide deck.  When we create each of these slides, we think through details that every entrepreneur considers, including both the successes and the challenges.

I have a brand-new perspective on this presentation.  And it’s one that I love.  I can show what we’re doing with TripleNote in the details that are presented on the slides.  I can introduce audiences of aspiring entrepreneurs to a sample set of pitch slides.  But even better, I get to speak to very real considerations and challenges that we’ve met along this journey.

Regardless of the role that I fill—entrepreneur, business person, yogi, teacher, mother, friend— I enjoy creating activities to help others learn. Now I have another means:  this presentation-turned-learning tool.  What can you teach through your pitch slide deck to help others?